Join SMPL!

With years of passionate and steady effort, we’ve made significant progress on drug law reform in Louisiana.  Thing is, there’s a lot left to do.  We’re not there yet.  It takes a while.  Always does.  What it also takes, though, is teamwork.  A lot of people have to get motivated.  People have to get sick of waiting or hearing empty excuses from the opponents of reform.  We have to be motivated  to challenge and cut through the lies to get at sounder public policy.  It isn’t as hard as we always imagined.  Hard for Louisiana so far, yes.  But it isn’t as if Louisiana is writing anything new in the play book.  Other states are literally decades ahead of us and benefitting mightily from it.. So what’s it take to move the bar?  You.  Yeah, you.  You gotta sign up, plug in and help out.  Together, we will change laws right here in our house.  In the people’s house.  Together we can shine a brighter light on on the motivations of our opposition.  Please join us here at SMPL as the state’s oldest and best established Cannabis reform organization.