About Us

capitol2SMPL is an organization dedicated to statewide coalition building, sound policy research, education and advocacy for substantive marijuana law reform in Louisiana. We are headquartered in the capital of Baton Rouge where we lobby at the local and state level, but have affiliates in every major city throughout Louisiana. The SMPL board is a dynamically diverse mix of professionals who share one passion in common for making our laws for marijuana both modernized and civilized. We bring to the task a varied mix of seasoned and younger advocates, different political orientations, ethnicities, sexes, socio-economic backgrounds, birthplaces and skill sets or expertise. We have been active lobbying at the Capitol for the last 3 sessions in a row, and have already seen some legislative success in the form of S.B. 143- the first significant medical marijuana bill in our state in over a quarter century.  Our other legislative efforts include bills supporting agricultural growing of hemp, and criminal justice reform with regards to non-violent drug offenders.

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