States with medical marijuana see decline in employee sick leave, study finds

While the misconception remains that stoners are lazy and unmotivated, a new study shows that marijuana may keep people on the job both healthy and productive.

In a July study published early online for the journal Health Economics, researchers found statistically significant declines in employee sick leave in states that allow safe and legal access to medical cannabis, reports

According to the numbers provided in the report, businesses in medical marijuana states reported an 8 to 15 percent drop in employee absences related to illness compared to states that still prohibit medical cannabis.

Author Darin F. Ulman observes:

Utilizing the Current Population Survey, the study identifies that absences due to sickness decline following the legalization of medical marijuana. The effect is stronger in states with ‘lax’ medical marijuana regulations, for full-time workers, and for middle-aged males, which is the group most likely to hold medical marijuana cards.

Ulman suggests that legal access to medical marijuana may increase employee productivity while decreasing the sick pay costs of employers.

Source:  SFGATE